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mission of "Triumph over Trafficking" is to raise awareness for human trafficking that can happen to anyone anywhere. Florida is commonly known to have frequent trafficking incidents, especially in the Tampa Bay area. Not only is TOT's goal to spread awareness, but we plan on taking action by holding fundraisers to donate to safe houses, workshops to train students to detect victims of trafficking, coordinate general body meetings and more. Our club offers many opportunities for students to teach, train and triumph!






Human Trafficking 101 Presented by the FBI.

The FBI will be coming to USF on March 1st to give a presentation on Human Trafficking. They will be teaching students about the importance of awareness and what students can do to protect themselves and others around them. If you are interested in attending this event, please fill out the short form below. The event will take place in the USF Health Rotunda. Accommodations will be provided if told in advance.

Triumph over Trafficking joins hands with the FREE Network to combat human trafficking

The FREE Network is a non-profit that takes action against all forms of human trafficking while empowering victims to survive and thrive in their communities. The FREE Network's mission aligns with Triumph over Trafficking and we look forward to working together this upcoming year!



Triumph Over Trafficking and Office of Community Engagement and Partnership came together to develop a seminar for the USF community to attend. Students/Faculty/Staff were given an opportunity to learn the basics of human trafficking in Florida with a 2 hour training with the FBI Human Trafficking Taskforce in Palm Beach County. The workshop addressed prevention and prosecution using case studies to illustrate how law enforcement, the FBI, and the community work together to combat human trafficking.

Membership officers set up a (L)emonade stand outside of the USF library. The purpose of the lemonade stand is to emphasize how human trafficking is not always easy to see. Officers allowed students to take a free lemonade drink and after they drank it the students would say "It taste different". This is because the 'Lemonade' is actually just water and food coloring. This is exercise was used to explain a metaphor. You didn't know that this was water until after you drank it. The same assumption is made with people. Everyone assumes that all is fine when they take a first look at victims of human trafficking. However if they actually take a sip or look further for signs they will realize that some people are in need of help.


The founders of TOT were honored to have lunch with their new advisory council, which consist of Dr. Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman and Nikki Cross. Dr. Hordge-Freeman is an international researcher and graduate level sociology professor. Nikki Cross is a human trafficking survivor whom founded the STAAR ministry, a non profit organization that rescues and provides for human trafficking victims. We are very excited to be working with them both for the rest of the year.


Officers of TOT had an amazing opportunity to attend the SAFE collation conference in Chicago, Illinois. During this conference, officers were able to learn about 5 different dynamics of human trafficking from international experts. We are looking forward to implementing our new profound knowledge back into the Tampa Bay Community.

House Passes Online Sex-Trafficking Bill After Big Tech Companies Back Off

New York Times / By CECILIA KANG

Silicon Valley had strongly opposed the bill, because it would chip away at an existing law that gives internet companies broad immunity for the content that people put on their services. Tech companies that argued against the bill said that the current law has encouraged free speech online and helped the internet thrive.

Getting Tough on Sex Traffickers

New York Times / By ROD J. ROSENSTEIN

Too many cities in the United States are infested with criminal gangs. In 2015, the F.B.I. estimated that more than one million members of approximately 33# gangs prey upon American neighborhoods. The gangs have one thing in common: They commit violent crimes that terrorize our communities. And gangs increasingly rely on sex trafficking to support themselves.

South Korea Says It Won’t Scrap Sex Slaves Accord With Japan

New York Times / By AUSTIN RAMZY

South Korea said Tuesday that it would not undo a 2015 agreement with Japan to shelve a longtime dispute over women who were forced into sexual slavery for the Japanese military during World War II.

Enslaved in America: Sex Trafficking in the United States


To understand all aspects of sex trafficking in the United States, you have to open your mind and let go of what you have seen or heard on television. You need to let go of the media’s portrayal of the “joys” of street prostitution, and open your eyes to the violence and control the pimps and sex traffickers exercise over their victims, who are mostly girls and young women.

When Sex Trafficking Goes Unnoticed in America


The Department of Homeland Security defines human trafficking as a “modern-day form of slavery involving the illegal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gain.” In 2012, the International Labor Organization estimated that there are 20.9 million human trafficking victims worldwide.


To report suspected human trafficking:


To get help from the National Human Trafficking Hotline:


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